Hi Steve,

I just had to drop you a note to let you know how appreciative I am of your guys.

Alberto did such a great job installing ceiling lights in my music room, that I asked him if he could also put them in the main part of my living room.  He was absolutely terrific about the whole process.  He helped me understand the products,, how to space them, what the installation would entail and how much everything was likely to cost.  And then, he worked straight through until 9pm last night to get the job done, so that he would not disrupt my paint schedule or his next customer’s work scheduled for today.  He really went above and beyond.

Peter, Chris and Peter also have been wonderful.  They are unfailingly friendly and helpful while also being highly competent and professional.  Each of them has helped to advise me along the way and I’ve appreciated that as well. Every step of the way, I’ve felt that their primary concern is my customer satisfaction.  Although the job is not yet complete, everything I’ve seen so far has looked great.

I used Castino Services years ago for a huge whole-house paint job and raved about the experience at the time to anyone who would listen. Since then, I have to admit that I’ve used other less expensive services to save money, but this experience has reminded me of what a difference it is to work with Castino.

Thanks so much!

- Christine P.

Fantastic work. Came quickly, did the work, protected everything under the attic. Would call them again in a heartbeat. Price was half of the other estimate I received.

- David Oppenheim, Winnetka

It was very positive. They are on the expensive side but they do quality work.


Excellent This is fourth time .we used Castino. Employees are polite, neat, clean up after work done. Are honest if they feel job is beyond their capability. They are more than one could wish for in services they provide. Will not hesitate to hire again!

- Adela Lassen, Highland Park

They are excellent. They were on Angie’s List, that’s how I got them to begin with. They finished last week.

The price was average and the quality was excellent. I used them about 4 years where they did some outside painting and a few places that needed some attention.

The good thing about them, if you have a small place that needs to be touched up or whatever, they will do that. I don’t call them just for a small thing but sometimes you have different things in the house here and there, they will take care of that. That was mostly outside painting.

I would call them in a second if I needed them for something. They are all personable, they clean up after themselves, I have all good things to say about them.

The workers are excellent, an A.

- Adela Lassen, Highland Park

Good experience, not great. I felt they were responsive and handled things well. The job was fine. The painting has not maintained itself since October. There are parts where the paint has flaked already. They did come out one time to take care of it, but again. I thought their employees worked well, they were responsive. Price was comparable to other quotes I received.

- Jaret Fishman, Highland Park

They were excellent

- Mike Rothholtz, Wilmette

Great. On time. Well done.

- Hunter Davis, Kenilworth

Very good vey caring

- Earl Roben, Riverwoods

We hired Castino for interior/exterior painting, and for carpet cleaning. Work was done on time and on budget. We subsequently had some water in our basement from an air conditioner issue. Castino came immediately and dried everything out and put it back in shape. I would particularly like to compliment John (restoration) and Paco (carpet) for being prompt, professional, and pleasant to work with.

- Kent Brown, Glenview

There were a few extra things I asked them to do and they were willing to do it because it was in their scope of work. Our home is a little geometrically confusing in some spots, but they did a good job adapting to that.

- BEVERLY WATTS, Barrington

They were wonderful (everyone from Steve to Peter to Fro and Alberto, etc). They were professional, honest, hard working, easy to schedule and just an all around pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them and would definitely use them again. We are very happy with the work!

- Meena Brinegar, Evanston

They were very helpful answering all of my questions and the quote was by bar the best. They are very easy to work with and I would use them again.

- Christopher Hemphill, Chicago

When a new disposal was installed, the plumber who installed it told me that he noticed some mold underneath the sink. He recommended Castino. John and Peter came out to provide an estimate and were very thorough. Peter was the project Manager and led the team on the project. He did a phenomenal job along with the rest of the team.
Very professional:
– at house when they said they would be
– great communications throughout the project (from explaining exactly what they would be doing before getting started to sending photos throughout the process)
– respectful of my home: When they removed the countertop, they asked where I would prefer they set it while the work was being performed rather than just put it wherever
– provided multiple solutions when issues or additional work was needed (in their line of work, they have to get into a project to discover the full extent of the damage/issue) and they did not default to the most costly option
– strong work/project results (impossible to tell that work was done)
They also did only what was needed. What I mean by that is that if only some drywall needed to be replaced, that is what they did, rather than lowball on price to get in the door and then upset to make more money. I never felt they were pushing things just to make more money. They did what was needed, when things came up, such as mold on part of the cabinet, they provided options and recommended what they felt was needed rather than what would get them the most money. Very honest throughout the entire process and I felt like they had my best interest in mind.
I was so pleased with the work Peter and the team did that I had them help on a second project. I would very strongly recommend them to anyone in need of restoration help. Great people, great work and very honest to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others or to have them help again on a project.

- Steve Vihon, Glenview

Paco and his crew did a great job. They were punctual, polite and professional. Their work was clean and well done. The carpets look great!

- Larry Jankelowitz, Riverwoods

They are a larger company. They can handle a wide variety of jobs. I’ve used them off and on for 5 years. They showed up like on the minute that they said they will.


The small house we had painted had siding dating back to the 70’s, which was colored a dark red. The northeast side of the house facing the lake had been repainted already a few times, and yet in a year or two, the paint would be stripped off by lake winds down to the bare metal. It was clearly time to fix things, color and quality!!

I called Castino, who came to look at the house very soon. We weren’t ready for the cost of any re-siding, or siding stripping of the house. They confirmed that the siding, though old, was still in good shape. They assured me that good quality painting would not only cover the dark red, but would stand up better to the winds and sun of the lake location.

This was great news, especially since we wanted to paint the house in a light yellow! We chose a good quality of paint known for its endurance. They put a crew of about 4 men on the job. They came on time, cleaned up the area every day before leaving, and did a thorough job. Scraped off the old paint, sealed the cracks, primed well, everything that a professional job includes. This phase took some time to do it right, but it prepared the surface perfectly for the paint job. What a transformation to see that house turn light yellow! But the amazing thing I reflect on each spring is the way that paint has held up! In a way, Castino probably lost a repainting job, because it is 12 years later, and the paint still looks fine, even on the lake side. Since then, we’ve added dark green shutters to the house, and it looks wonderful.
Thank you, Castino, for this job and many others over the years! Mary, of Evanston

- MARY BISHOP, Evanston

Very responsive. Easy to work with.

- Scott Janess, Barrington

I got a quote and we were very satisfied with it. The quote was very good. We have used them before and I’ve always been satisfied with their work.


The quote process was very thorough and excellent. Paul Devins worked very hard with me to get the quote within the budget. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

- Geoff Southwick, Waukegan

We have been very satisfied with their work. Arrived promptly and cleaned up daily before departing. Their personnel are very professional. We highly recommend their services.

- Pete Schellenbach, Glencoe

Castino was great from the first time I called them. They had someone out to look at the problem within a day or two of my first call, provided a quote the next day and had the repair completed within a week.

And due to the process of elimination nature of fighting water seapage issue, Castino had to come back a few times to do some more work, but never once did they question the need. They were always prompt with follow-up visits. The sales guy even came back a few times to make sure I was satisfied with their work.

I was very impressed with the Castino experience.

- Jeff Brown, Glencoe

Great experience with Castino all around. First Cathy was great to deal with on the phone and was able to get a crew over the next morning. The crew arrived on time the next morning. Nick did a good job with the walkthrough to review what they were / were not going to do. It helped with my comfortable level to have a firm handle on the scope and that we were on the same page since they do the work with an open contract. Anytime there was there was something that was different from what we discussed, or even questionable, they called me down to review before moving on. They finished with work and bringing the waste in about 4 hours. Then brought down the equipment. They had to leave for another job, and had to leave the removed materials on a the curb. Cathy called back within minutes of the crew leaving to let me know somebody would come by by that evening to take away everything from the curb – which they did. Hope I’ll never need them again, but definitely my first call if I do.

- Steve Henderson, Lake Forest

We asked Castino to open up 2 interior walls, to create better visual & light flow in entry and living room. Also to remove old door frames on upstairs landing. We defined a price, scope of work, and start date of 18 March. On that day Robert showed up and started work very cleanly, methodically. Super reassuring.

Robert finished the work on 27th, 1 day ahead of schedule. Results are great: beautiful new openings in walls, impeccable trim work, house cleaned up. Robert really knows what he is doing. Very happy

- Yann Kulp, Northfield

Good, they called back right away to inform me that work couldn’t start until July, they were very busy…I didn’t get an estimate.

- Louis Prosecky, Mount Prospect

I was very happy with their service.

- Jackie Earley, Chicago

They definitely worked above and beyond expectation. Thanks for Castino.

- Wenhui Zhang, Northbrook

I wanted to drop a note to tell you how pleased I am with Castino. You were helpful and efficient and the painter did a really nice job. He was pleasant helping me move a couple pieces of furniture and working in such a small space…also impressed me with how neat everything was left. Thank you very much for everything.

- Karen B., Chicago

Castino is the best contractor I have ever worked with. Their work is meticulous and the results are gorgeous. The breadth of their skills is also wonderful – they were resourceful and accomplished every single step of the project with ease (even new matters that came up along the way). Every member of the Castino team is extremely responsible. They arrived perfectly on time, and they stuck to every single one of the promised deadlines. I was delighted. In addition, I was able to be in constant communication with the team, and I felt like a very valued customer every step of the way. I will definitely use Castino again for our next project and I would recommend them to everyone.

- Erin M., Evanston

Thank you so much! You powerwashed our deck last week and it looks gorgeous! I realize that we never knew what a difference a really professional powerwash could make. Thank you again.

- Jean D. & Susan M., Highland Park

A few days ago, a man walked by and asked who did our stucco, admiring how good it looked. I was happy to tell him Castino. We are very grateful for your company’s excellent work and especially your willingness to stand behind what you do.

- Joyce and Dave A., Evanston

I just wanted to thank you for assigning Julian to my external house painting project. He did a very detailed inspection of the exterior of my home and repaired all areas that needed it. Frankly I was amazed at his attention to detail and getting the job done right. He found and repaired areas that I didn’t even know were problems.

- Jim P., Lake Forest

Your painters finished last week and did a nice job. The entire crew led by George were polite, clean and a pleasure to deal with.

- Jeff P., Northfield

Thank you so much for your company’s excellent service. We are extremely happy with the professionalism and attention to detail that both you and Adrian displayed with regard to working on our “to do” list.

- Jennifer F., Skokie

We could not be more pleased with the recent work that Castino did for us. Eugene the carpenter and Julian the painter were both highly skilled craftsmen and very pleasant to deal with. I was especially struck by how good they were with finding creative solutions to small problems as they occurred. He was really THINKING about the job in hand. Such a seemingly small project has greatly enhanced the appearance of the house.

- Ann H., Northfield

Your staff accomplished in one week a task I have seen take weeks, and in some cases months. More importantly, the tasks were completed with expertise, efficiency, courtesy and congeniality. What more can a customer desire?

- Joan and Chester M., Glenview

I liked Robert and the muscle power from the help he brought. The job sounded simple but required very careful measuring, finding studs, a good eye and shear strength.

- Mary B., Evanston

Mario and crew did an outstanding job on the painting, and I was very impressed with Miguel when he came to clean the carpet too. Everyone I have dealt with at Castino has been courteous and responsive. Everyone who came to my home was very professional and respectful of my home. From the initial contact to the end of the project, I was thrilled with everything – and amazed at how quickly the job got done. I will definitely use Castino again in the future!

- Stephanie E., Northbrook

I was very pleased with the work. The crew was especially nice and thoughtful. I even asked that they do something for me while they were up on the ladders and they very willingly did so without question or hesitation. (That says a lot for Mario and his crew).

- Peter K

We just wanted to thank you again for your services. We couldn’t be more satisfied…from the time Eric came out to give us an estimate and a complete description of what would happen, dealing with your front office, all the way to the completed project. As you can see from the attached photo, our entry door came out beautifully. Peter told us that he would treat our door as if it were his own, and he kept his word. Peter worked very hard at returning our door to its original splendor. His professionalism and skills were greatly appreciated. He represents you very well. Thanks again!

- Bob & Debbie C, Skokie

Your representatives responded quickly and were ready to work on correcting the source of the problem in an instant. The potential for damage was at first, not fully understood until your representatives explained the potential for mold build up as a result of the water exposure. I must mention that the professionalism that all your representatives displayed helped put me at ease enough to get through the crisis. Percy was extremely efficient and courteous during this difficult time. Steve went over and beyond to help me understand the process and reassured me that the work would be done in a timely manner. Anyone can offer services, but Steve makes the difference in customer service. It is worth to mention that your staff is an excellent representation of professionalism and respect for any homeowner in distress. I would recommend your company to anyone in need of competent, ethical and timely services.

- Goerge M, Vernon Hills

Awesome Job! Tony, Keith, Peter, Steve everyone of you (and your crews) did a great job. Thank You so much for all your hard work. The house looks better than it did before.

- Cindy & Tom J, Bartlett

We wish to express our appreciation for the work done at our home. Everyone was polite, professional and competent. Special Thank you’s to Eric Stute who estimated our damage and to Steve Corbette our carpenter who created a beautiful deck. We will be calling in the future regarding interior painting and minor carpentry. Warmest Regards.

- Henry D., Morton Grove

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with Castino. Eric was so accommodating with scheduling the estimate, and then got it to me so quickly, I was flabbergasted that you were able to manage such a quick turnaround between the estimate and the painting, and then Francisco did a wonderful job with the apartment on Friday, the walls look beautiful, so carefully and thoroughly done.

- Sara N., Chicago

Honestly your team of painters who worked on my job could not have been more professional. They were so polite, clean and organized. Castino may be on the high-end as far as prices go but you get what you pay for and in our case, it was worth every penny. I am so pleased.

- Jan. P, Glencoe

I just wanted to add my compliments to the work of Steve and Mike, who cleaned my carpets this week. They were very professional, offered sound advice on future care and efficient in getting the service done.

- Pam F., Northbrook

Roger, Kimberly and Venus,

Thank you all for your most appreciated time support and wonderful donation for the WCE CO fall/winter Adopt A Room project. As you know we completed the project Saturday and in the end The Castino crew worked their wonders, both Mario and Jesus were the BEST, and the room sparkled! What a lovely sight for a Mom and her children to have, especially at this time of year!

I feel so very strong about what we do to help those most in need of feeling supported and in a way.” loved from a distance” by giving them a cozy warm environment in which to start the healing process. I can’t think of a better spot to start than to snuggle under the covers of a nice warm bed, or to cozy up in a rocker with Mom, and it is wonderful for them to now have a newly painted room and dresser too! I know that many many children and mothers will benefit from your gracious donation THANK YOU!

- Kathy, Adopt a Room Committee

The plumber knocked holes in our walls and ceilings which had to be repaired with plaster and plaster board. Also refinished parts of water stain in ceilings and walls along alley. This required careful and beautifully smooth patching and reinforcing where some of the holes were large and deep, sanding smooth and painting. It was also amazing to watch how careful they analyzed everything the estimator and done and made suggestions for more improvement. I also used them to paint all the outside porch and garage which required removing paint and repairing some of the banister. What amazed me the first time was how carefully they cleaned up ALL the scraped paint from the GRASS. They did not leave one piece of cracked paint outside and they were just as clean working one space at a time on the interior of our house. In al instances they were on tune, once even calling ahead when traffic and storm was going to make them late.(wow!). They accomplished all the jobs we ever used them for on time and in budget. They continually made appropriate suggestions about what else should be considered. Polite and hard working, they even stayed overtime because they did not want our interior to remain unfinished on the last day. If these people did root canals, I would used them in a minute.

Fast, efficient and the different teams worked well together so there was no wasted time.

- Alden C.

We referred you for some wallpaper work. She couldn’t be happier with the work your company did. I encouraged her to tell all her friends and she said she will. It’s always nice to hear some good stuff

- Peg Mahoney
Mahoney Plumbing

Zibi was wonderful, very service oriented and extremely professional. Always willing to listen and careful with job. Everyone we have met have been very nice, good with service and professional. Fantastic job! Thanks!

“All your guys are great – very efficient, friendly and hardworking.”

“…What amazed me the first time was how carefully they cleaned up ALL the scraped paint from the grass. They did not leave one piece of cracked paint outside and they were just as clean working one space at a time on the interior of our house. In all instances, they were on time, once even calling ahead when traffic and storm was going to make them late (wow!)…Polite and hardworking, they even stayed overtime because they did not want out interior to remain unfinished on the last day. If these people did root canacls, I would use them in a minute.”

“Stanley did an excellent job leading the work and keeping me informed. The prep work was overall outstanding – I have previously done this kind of work for myself and can appreciate the quality work that you did. Beyond the prep work, the painting was also of very high quality. I’m very happy with the job that Castino did and Stanley and crew were top notch.

- Jay L., Evanston

I’m calling to thank you for the work you’ve done in my home. My garage door looks great and the man that did the work was outstanding. Everyone that came was on time. Our deck looks wonderful. I’ll be happy to refer you to friends and family and hope to see you here again.

- Mary Ellen S, Realtor, Northfield

You have exceeded all expectations in relation to the work done on my home the past few weeks. From initial quote to final invoice, I couldn’t be more pleased…I would not hesitate to recommend Castino to anyone who might need your services. Thanks for being there for me.

- Janet E., Northbrook

We used Castino Stucco for our stucco needs. I got away from them a few years back and hired a cheaper company for a few jobs but I learned my lesson. The negative call backs that I received in just a few short years were indefensible. I’m back to staying with Castino.

- Dick Smith
<a class="cite-link" href="http://">Brookhaven Properties, Glenview</a>

I love the work you are doing. You guys have been great for me. Your service is on time, quality driven and professional. Your work is better than I ever thought it could be. I’ve never had any issues.

- Stan Xidas
<a class="cite-link" href="http://">JNS Properties, Wilmette</a>

I’ve got so called stucco applicators doing cost comparison of the products I sell and I have a hard time competing with the crap they are buying at other places and putting up on people’s walls. Unfortunately, there is no training or licensing required by the state and there is absolutely no quality control for application and materials used. I have recently been out on four jobs where the so called stucco applicator was screwing Durock onto the house, skim coating it and calling that stucco. The builder and architects had no idea this is not acceptable. It’s a crap shoot – I know the quality of service and materials of Castino Stucco to be the highest standard and I have worked with them for decades.”

“I wanted to take the time to formally than you, Roger Castino, and the staff for the excellent work on the interior kennels last summer. We were amazed at the level of professionalism displayed by the entire crew from the moment the project started. I realized it was no easy project, especially with the weather conditions and given the environment, but the work performed was exceptional and I can honestly say, I’ve never been more impressed. Despite the struggling economy, Mr. Castino was very generous and understanding to a Not-for-Profit organization such as ours, and we are forever grateful for such compassion and believe this greatly adds to his credibility as a business owner.

- Stephanie Hoffman, President, Executive Director, Heartland Animal Shelter

I have been using Castino for over thirty years and I am proud to know them and their incredible service and professionalism. My first house was seventy years old and they totally renovated the outside cosmetics, repairing trims, doors. and porches. The inside was painted, papered, and floors sanded to the a lovely natural wood finish. The house was a real prize. My next house, again, was papered and painted, and they made all the rooms shine. Not only was it treated well cosmetically, walls were dry-walled and repaired. The floors were again sanded. I had some real emergency floods and Castino was at my house with-in an hour and spent even a weekend repairing pipes saving me several dollars. The disposal was replaced and dishwasher flood problem solved. Castino has painted my entire new townhome in the past year and a half. They have cleaned my couch and hung a large set of drapes in the living room.

I have always enjoyed my contact with Roger as he is prompt and thorough when giving estimates. And, he is always fair. Cathy always responds in making appointments rapidly and gets my needs met, The contractors and real gentlemen and a real pleasure when they work in my house. They are thorough and takes the customer first. They are receptive to my needs and ideas. Best of all, the work ethic is impressive, and the job is always finished in timely fashion. When the work is completed they put the house together quickly.

I would never consider call anyone else for help. Castino is the only company to call!

- Linda H.



As customers who were thrust by an unfortunate situation into a working relationship with your crew, we were extremely appreciative and most delighted by every aspect of a difficult situation becoming a positive outcome. From the time the call was made to Castino to the last inspection, I cannot tell you how attentive,respectful and professional your team and leadership was. Led by Peter Kadava who ALWAYS kept us informed and communicated every step of the process and additionally worked around our schedules yet making sure the work that needed to get done was done at the highest level. His personal care over the clean-up and build out of our basement is one that I will not forget. He made us feel like family and for that we are greatly appreciative. Eugenio, who worked the majority of the days was a consummate pro and always prompt and thorough. Finally, Steve Small guided us and assisted on making sure all the little things that needed to be addressed got attended to. He went out of his way several times to make sure paper work was done and guided us through the process in a humanistic way something that is refreshing to see.

Overall we were extremely satisfied with your work and most importantly with how we were treated.

- George and Lori C.

Dear Peter, thank for you an EXCELLENT job! You were thoughtful and wonderful. I hope everyone at Castino recognizes how special you are. They are lucky to find such a great person like you and your team. Our house looks terrific!

- Lynn S.

I have been a long time customer of Castino for just about every service they offer. I scheduled carpet cleaning and knew that there was an area of spots that bleach had destroyed the color. It always annoyed me but I didn’t want to pay to have new carpet installed. When Paco came and saw the stains, he told me about Wes who can dye the carpet to its previous color. Wes came out that day and did a beautiful match and the price was very reasonable. His professionalism was amazing. I wish I had known about this process a couple of years ago when I had to throw out my oriental rug due to dog stains. I gave your name to a friend of mine who had some couch stains and she is thrilled with your work. Thanks again for having such professional employees!

- Lee Daskal, Northfield

They did an exceptional job getting any sign of water out of the basement. Our insurance company recommended that we call Service Master. We called Service Master, and they would not have been able to come to our house for 2 weeks. Also, the estimate we received from Service Master was a lot more than Castino’s.

- Anne-Marie Kennedy, Wilmette

The estimator recognized that the mold about a foot up the wall in the basement was only on the paint due to condensation on basement walls which were exterior walls. Thus diagnosing that this was not a giant mold removal issue and required cleaning and treatment only of affected areas about 2 feet up from wall and a foot onto the floor (the floor was at my request, to be safe). I appreciated his honest assessment. The walls and floor were treated and then painted with mold resistant paint. Because it is a basement storage area, they had to move some heavy exercise equipment and storage shelves onto one half of the floor in order to paint the other half of the floor and then move it back after the first half dried and paint the second half. There was no place else to move the heavy bulky stuff. The floor required 2 coats–so several trips had to be made to paint the floor and then returned to put everything back into place. They were very good scheduling within my schedule and coming on time every time. When one painter had a family emergency, another painter arrived to take his place. They were very professional and did a great job–finishing before Thanksgiving.

- Patricia Collins, Winnetka

Did excellent job, clean work, prompt. Am now getting an estimate for outside trim painting work. Hope as good as first time. Don’t remember cost, but very satisfied with work.

- Adela Lassen, Highland Park

Excellent work from everyone at the company. Starting with their estimator and including paint crew and office staff. This was a lage job that took 5 days to complete. No issues with any of the paint crew. All were experienced, professional, and polite. Never worried about any of our personal possessions. They worked very hard, rarely took breaks, and if they ate lunch, it was quick. Everything was put together back in its place when they finished the job.

I would use them again in a heartbeat.

- Doug Berman, Buffalo Grove

They’re pretty good. I looked at their rating and they are rated an ‘A’ company so I think they consistently do a good job. They listen to me of what I wanted to do and there’s no problem. Punctuality is also good.

- T. Aoba, Deerfield

We have used castino for a number of jobs and they always pull through, do a great job and treat us well. Highly recommended!

- Dan Ushman

On our next job, I won’t even consider anyone else. You should see our master bedroom. It looks like a model home. They called in a color coordinator for the palette and did a magnificent job. Their workmen are very professional and high-class. Their prices were reasonable, they accept credit cards.

- Linda Phillips, Northbrook

Went extremely well. Work was done ahead of schedule. Workmen were helpful and respectful of furniture and need to confine work clutter so we could have full use of rest of house.

- Janet McLean, Deerfield

Wow- where do I start? Steve, the estimator, was fantastic. He was upfront about the time expectations for getting the jobs done. Peter, the job site manager, was amazing. His level of professionalism and communication met and exceeded my expectations. The job site workers were all very courteous and tidy. I would highly recommend using Castino.

- Sarah Sloane, Glenview

Initially met with Eric who provided quote and timetable for work. He was very sensitive to my request that the work be done expeditiously . Family members suffer from allergies and asthma, so and I wanted to limit our exposure to the dust and fumes created by painting/wallpaper removal.

Crew arrived, as promised, promptly at 730 Monday. Stanley, who was the job foreman, was outstanding. He kept me apprised of the progress they made each day and made the disruption very tolerable. It had been too cold to paint outside in MArch during the initial project, so Castino recently returned to paint an exterior door. The painter missed a small strip on the bottom so I contacted Stanley and he promptly came by to assess the incomplete job and then he painted the missed area himself!! Crew actually finished a day early. Workers were not only friendly but they were also clean and tidy. Mess was minimized to the work area.

I was happy with completed project. Castino does quality work in an efficient manner.


It went really well. These guys are simply awesome. They are very much focused on solving problems for the customer. After June 26th storm in the Chicago area, we had basement flooding. I called top 3 restoration companies from Angie’s list and Castino is the only company that returned my call. From that point on wards they worked patiently and diligently till our basement was cleaned and dried. The manager at Castino, Cathy, was simply great. She is extremely professional and takes customer service to a new level. All the employees of Castino that I interacted with Paco, Peter, Cody, Dawn, George.. were all very much interested in listening to us patiently and providing very good explanation and suggestions. Despite the heavy work load, Cathy always answered my phone or called back within minutes when she was on another line. The crew that came on the first day were very cheerful and patient even at 11:00 PM in the night.

Their pricing is very transparent and very fair. They worked with us and helped to tailor the services to meet our needs. They also gave lot of very good tips.

BTW, I don’t think asking for credit card number while scheduling is a problem at all. They do that to protect themselves against folks who cancel the service after the crew has reached the site with all the equipment. In my case they did not charge anything to my credit card till all the work was completed to my satisfaction and I signed off on the work. I even ended up changing my credit card on the last day.

This is a very good, honest company to work with.

- Ganesh Mayya, Lake Zurich

They are great as they went out of their way to satisfy me. They are very polite and respectful with their clients. They are fair on prices. I know their reputation so I didn’t call other people to price it out.

- Linda Dawe, Deerfield

We got an excellent service from them. We were very pleased with them. They offer a reasonable price. They are trustworthy and I don’t have to worry if I won’t be here. I can always count on an excellent work. They always leave the house immaculate and clean.

- DOUG MAJOR, Winnetka

We love them. We’ve known Roger since high school. It is a great company with great people working for him. We would highly recommend them. Their prices are totally in line with all the other competitors. They are not the most expensive but certainly not the cheapest. For the value for the money, we would totally trust them again. They are dependable, reliable and professional. They do a great job and they deliver what they do. They have nice products.

- KATHY PERRY, Winnetka

The job went great. We love Castino. They’re prompt, professional, and get the work done on time.

- Robert Best, Northfield

They showed up everyday and they cleaned up after themselves. All in all, they did the work professionally.

- Patrick Lennon, Highwood

I will probably use them as they were very friendly and got back to me on time so, thumbs up there. I think their price was reasonable compared to some of the other people I spoke with. I don’t think there were any negatives.

- ALEX YOUNG, Evanston

I used Them last 12 years ago. I thought they were very prompt. They said they would be here on such a date. They said it would take five days or whatever and they took five days for the job so they were very right on with their estimate.

- Pattrick Anderson, Glenview