Picking the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home

The color of your interior helps set the mood and atmosphere of your home. To ensure your home reflects your own unique taste and is also a warm and inviting space, it’s important that you be a bit picky when it comes to choosing painting color.

Paint Color

Castino Painting and Home Services discusses how to pick the right paint color below.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture

When you’re picking a paint color for your interior spaces, consider the architectural style of your home. Some color palettes fit traditional homes better, while others are better suited to modern homes.

“Organic” and earthy color schemes, for example, fit older homes better, while louder and more minimalist color palettes suit modern homes. White and gray are two of the most versatile color options for both traditional and contemporary homes; they’re great to cover up dated stucco as well.

Color and Mood

The color you choose should will help create the mood you want to establish in a room. Let’s take the bedroom, for example. Most homeowners want the bedroom to reflect serenity, so you’ll want neutral colors. Soft shades of brown, blue and white are good color options for your bedroom.

Keep Lighting in Mind

Finally, keep in mind that different kinds of lighting can influence your painting color. Natural daylight, for example, shows the true color of the paint, while incandescent lighting brings out warm and yellow tones. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, casts a sharp blue tone.

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