How to Choose the Best Paint for Exterior Stucco Walls

Stucco remains a popular choice for your exterior. Inexpensive and pretty to look at, it helps spruce up your home, while also offering solid protection against water infiltration. Stucco comes in a range of different shades and hues, and it’s important to find one that complements your home’s overall design.

How to Choose the Best Paint for Exterior Stucco Walls

In this post, Castino Painting discusses how to choose the best paint color for your stucco home.

Yellows and Whites for a Clean Look

The clean-look exterior is a popular aesthetic trend for both traditionally designed homes and more modern ones. Because of stucco’s naturally prominent veneer, the color you should pick for the painting job should be able to mask that. The ideal exterior colors for stucco are yellows and whites. White stucco exteriors have a subdued and neat appearance, while stucco homes painted in yellow are striking but exude a warmth that other neutral colors can’t match.

Earth Tones for Earth Homes

Stucco is great for approximating natural and earthy vibes, so it comes as no surprise that majority of the homes with stucco exteriors utilize neutral earth tones to achieve this look. They’re minimalistic, too, which means they work well in ultra-modern homes as well.

Two-Toned Look

Finally, the two-toned look is ideal if your exterior has decorative carpentry or a protruding roof. We recommend mixing darker and lighter tones to establish this play of light and shadow. While this does take more time to do, it’s worth it because it boosts your property’s immediate visual appeal. In addition, a two-toned look also makes your home look larger than it really is.

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