4 Color Palettes for Every Home Style

When choosing a color scheme for your home, you need to consider the architectural style and character of your property. As such, choosing a fresh new color for painting your home requires a bit of research.

Color Palettes Home Style

Some color palettes are versatile enough to fit practically any home style. Today, Castino Painting shares four of the most universal color schemes:

1. Colonial Revival Color Scheme

Despite what it says on the tin, the Colonial Revival color palette can suit a variety of home styles. In fact, it’s not uncommon for contemporary and ultra-modern homes to employ this particular color scheme. The defining colors of this palette are warm blue-gray colors that feature in the upper half of the home, contrasting with the white below.

2. The Craftsman Color Scheme

Fresh earth tones feature prominently in the Craftsman color scheme and are a favorite choice for home with porches and backyards filled with greenery. Carpentry aficionados love this color palette as it helps emphasize the natural materials in your home, such as impressive wood-crafted fences and the ever-popular brick foundation and asphalt roof combo.

3. The Tudor Palette

The Tudor style is best described as “rustic with a pinch of Old-World class.” The defining colors here are shades of red and orange that contrast with white, which is solely used in exterior details such as window frames.

4. Neutral Ranch

The Ranch utilizes an aesthetically pleasing brown and beige scheme that works exceptionally well with contemporary homes and the eponymous home. Many consider this as a basic color scheme, with darker and lighter tones contrasting pleasantly. It also works well in suburbia.

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