Steve Vihon, Glenview

When a new disposal was installed, the plumber who installed it told me that he noticed some mold underneath the sink. He recommended Castino. John and Peter came out to provide an estimate and were very thorough. Peter was the project Manager and led the team on the project. He did a phenomenal job along with the rest of the team.
Very professional:
– at house when they said they would be
– great communications throughout the project (from explaining exactly what they would be doing before getting started to sending photos throughout the process)
– respectful of my home: When they removed the countertop, they asked where I would prefer they set it while the work was being performed rather than just put it wherever
– provided multiple solutions when issues or additional work was needed (in their line of work, they have to get into a project to discover the full extent of the damage/issue) and they did not default to the most costly option
– strong work/project results (impossible to tell that work was done)
They also did only what was needed. What I mean by that is that if only some drywall needed to be replaced, that is what they did, rather than lowball on price to get in the door and then upset to make more money. I never felt they were pushing things just to make more money. They did what was needed, when things came up, such as mold on part of the cabinet, they provided options and recommended what they felt was needed rather than what would get them the most money. Very honest throughout the entire process and I felt like they had my best interest in mind.
I was so pleased with the work Peter and the team did that I had them help on a second project. I would very strongly recommend them to anyone in need of restoration help. Great people, great work and very honest to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others or to have them help again on a project.