Christine P.

Hi Steve,

I just had to drop you a note to let you know how appreciative I am of your guys.

Alberto did such a great job installing ceiling lights in my music room, that I asked him if he could also put them in the main part of my living room.  He was absolutely terrific about the whole process.  He helped me understand the products,, how to space them, what the installation would entail and how much everything was likely to cost.  And then, he worked straight through until 9pm last night to get the job done, so that he would not disrupt my paint schedule or his next customer’s work scheduled for today.  He really went above and beyond.

Peter, Chris and Peter also have been wonderful.  They are unfailingly friendly and helpful while also being highly competent and professional.  Each of them has helped to advise me along the way and I’ve appreciated that as well. Every step of the way, I’ve felt that their primary concern is my customer satisfaction.  Although the job is not yet complete, everything I’ve seen so far has looked great.

I used Castino Services years ago for a huge whole-house paint job and raved about the experience at the time to anyone who would listen. Since then, I have to admit that I’ve used other less expensive services to save money, but this experience has reminded me of what a difference it is to work with Castino.

Thanks so much!