The small house we had painted had siding dating back to the 70’s, which was colored a dark red. The northeast side of the house facing the lake had been repainted already a few times, and yet in a year or two, the paint would be stripped off by lake winds down to the bare metal. It was clearly time to fix things, color and quality!!

I called Castino, who came to look at the house very soon. We weren’t ready for the cost of any re-siding, or siding stripping of the house. They confirmed that the siding, though old, was still in good shape. They assured me that good quality painting would not only cover the dark red, but would stand up better to the winds and sun of the lake location.

This was great news, especially since we wanted to paint the house in a light yellow! We chose a good quality of paint known for its endurance. They put a crew of about 4 men on the job. They came on time, cleaned up the area every day before leaving, and did a thorough job. Scraped off the old paint, sealed the cracks, primed well, everything that a professional job includes. This phase took some time to do it right, but it prepared the surface perfectly for the paint job. What a transformation to see that house turn light yellow! But the amazing thing I reflect on each spring is the way that paint has held up! In a way, Castino probably lost a repainting job, because it is 12 years later, and the paint still looks fine, even on the lake side. Since then, we’ve added dark green shutters to the house, and it looks wonderful.
Thank you, Castino, for this job and many others over the years! Mary, of Evanston