Castino Painting and Home Services: Your Reliable Partner for Exterior Transformation

If you live in Chicago's North Shore area and you need top-quality interior or exterior painting, stucco services, and other professional improvement services, Castino Painting and Home Services is the company that you’ve been waiting for. Serving homeowners in Chicagoland's North Shore area including Evanston, Northbrook, Highland Park and Deerfield for more than 40 years, Castino Painting and Home Services is the name you can trust. We deliver trustworthy, exceptional home improvement and beautification services that are sure to make your investment worthwhile.

The Services We Offer

Whether you want to update the look of a house you’ve lived in for years or you want to revamp a new space before you move in, Castino Painting and Home Services is prepared and equipped to help you find the perfect look for your home.

  • Exterior Painting. In our exterior painting service, we won’t just paint your property. We will help you choose the colors and materials that are best for your home, budget, and other specific requirements. We have knowledgeable paint consultants who use cutting-edge technologies, including an advanced color simulator that can help you choose the perfect color scheme for your home’s exterior.
  • Interior Painting. At Castino Painting and Home Services, we know that even simply painting a room can already make a big difference. That is why we are here to help you achieve your interior makeover goals. We provide high-quality interior painting services, from color selection to finishing touches.
  • Stucco Services. Stucco has been a common and popular method of applying finishing plaster to home and building exteriors. However, for it to better work for your property, it must be applied with utmost care and precision. Here at Castino Painting, we ensure that our clients enjoy all the benefits of stucco.

Castino Painting and Home Services also offers a variety of other services to maintain the beauty and safety of your home, including stain removal, carpentry, gutter cleaning, snow removal, and much more.

What People Are Saying About Us

The plumber knocked holes in our walls and ceilings which had to be repaired with plaster and plaster board. Also refinished parts of water stain in ceilings and walls along alley. This required careful and beautifully smooth patching and reinforcing where some of the holes were large and deep, sanding smooth and painting. It was also amazing to watch how careful they analyzed everything the estimator and done and made suggestions for more improvement. I also used them to paint all the outside porch and garage which required removing paint and repairing some of the banister. What amazed me the first time was how carefully they cleaned up ALL the scraped paint from the GRASS. They did not leave one piece of cracked paint outside and they were just as clean working one space at a time on the interior of our house. In al instances they were on tune, once even calling ahead when traffic and storm was going to make them late.(wow!). They accomplished all the jobs we ever used them for on time and in budget. They continually made appropriate suggestions about what else should be considered. Polite and hard working, they even stayed overtime because they did not want our interior to remain unfinished on the last day. If these people did root canals, I would used them in a minute.

Fast, efficient and the different teams worked well together so there was no wasted time.

- Alden C.

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