Castino Painting and Home Services: Your Reliable Partner for Exterior Transformation

If you live in Chicago's North Shore area and you need top-quality interior or exterior painting, stucco services, and other professional improvement services, Castino Painting and Home Services is the company that you’ve been waiting for. Serving homeowners in Chicagoland's North Shore area including Evanston, Northbrook, Highland Park and Deerfield for more than 40 years, Castino Painting and Home Services is the name you can trust. We deliver trustworthy, exceptional home improvement and beautification services that are sure to make your investment worthwhile.

The Services We Offer

Whether you want to update the look of a house you’ve lived in for years or you want to revamp a new space before you move in, Castino Painting and Home Services is prepared and equipped to help you find the perfect look for your home.

  • Exterior Painting. In our exterior painting service, we won’t just paint your property. We will help you choose the colors and materials that are best for your home, budget, and other specific requirements. We have knowledgeable paint consultants who use cutting-edge technologies, including an advanced color simulator that can help you choose the perfect color scheme for your home’s exterior.
  • Interior Painting. At Castino Painting and Home Services, we know that even simply painting a room can already make a big difference. That is why we are here to help you achieve your interior makeover goals. We provide high-quality interior painting services, from color selection to finishing touches.
  • Stucco Services. Stucco has been a common and popular method of applying finishing plaster to home and building exteriors. However, for it to better work for your property, it must be applied with utmost care and precision. Here at Castino Painting, we ensure that our clients enjoy all the benefits of stucco.

Castino Painting and Home Services also offers a variety of other services to maintain the beauty and safety of your home, including stain removal, carpentry, gutter cleaning, snow removal, and much more.

What People Are Saying About Us

I have been using Castino for over thirty years and I am proud to know them and their incredible service and professionalism. My first house was seventy years old and they totally renovated the outside cosmetics, repairing trims, doors. and porches. The inside was painted, papered, and floors sanded to the a lovely natural wood finish. The house was a real prize. My next house, again, was papered and painted, and they made all the rooms shine. Not only was it treated well cosmetically, walls were dry-walled and repaired. The floors were again sanded. I had some real emergency floods and Castino was at my house with-in an hour and spent even a weekend repairing pipes saving me several dollars. The disposal was replaced and dishwasher flood problem solved. Castino has painted my entire new townhome in the past year and a half. They have cleaned my couch and hung a large set of drapes in the living room.

I have always enjoyed my contact with Roger as he is prompt and thorough when giving estimates. And, he is always fair. Cathy always responds in making appointments rapidly and gets my needs met, The contractors and real gentlemen and a real pleasure when they work in my house. They are thorough and takes the customer first. They are receptive to my needs and ideas. Best of all, the work ethic is impressive, and the job is always finished in timely fashion. When the work is completed they put the house together quickly.

I would never consider call anyone else for help. Castino is the only company to call!

- Linda H.

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